A fix for: "and this user have # others thankyou"?

I think we’ve known about this one for awhile now.
Was this issue ever addressed, and will it ever get fixed?

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And here we go again.

The Forum software is by Kunena. (A extension for Joomla ! CMS where this site is running on.) The Administrators of the website will not adress any feature ‘request’ with Kunena that aren’t simply a switch that they can turn over or an extension that they have to download. (The PM Extension is a plugin that they downloaded.)

If you want to report this issue, I would say go to Kunena and post it on there Support forums :slight_smile:

Tl;dr. This is something that Kunena has to fix. Only Settings and extra plugins / extensions are worth posting here. Since they basically won’t invest the effort / menpower in a site that is functional. (And that is what RbxDev needs to be.)


Juriaan above does have a valid point though, it’s part of the forum software.
I’ll post the userscript I made that does the above.

// ==UserScript==
// @name         RbxDev "Thank you" Grammar fix
// @namespace    http://lazycoders.net/Vorlias
// @version      1.0
// @description  Fixes the stupid grammar mistakes in posts
// @author       You
// @match        http://developer.roblox.com
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==

    // Remove the annoying grammar mistakes... ugh.
    var tys = $('.kmessage-thankyou');

    for (var i = 0; i < tys.length; i++)
        var src = $(tys[i]);
        var oldHTML = src.html();

        // "and has also been thanked by ## other(s)" would have been better - but nevermind.
        // Seems whoever wrote this forum software has really terrible english
        var re = /and this user have (\d+) others thankyou/;
        oldHTML = oldHTML.replace(re, "+ $1 other(s)");
        // 'said' is the wrong context, they were thanked without actual posts saying "thank you". 
        oldHTML = oldHTML.replace(/The following user\(s\) said Thank You:/,"Users that have thanked this post: ");

I love it. It’s great. :stuck_out_tongue: