A Game I Made (This was a test game)

Game: Tower of Determination - Roblox
I worked on this with my friend NoDripLigit for fun.

I would appreciate feedback!

(This was a test game for the future)

It just looks like a copy of Tower Of Hell just with a different name and has more of a cartoony and plain look. Everythings pretty much the same. Honestly though, it’s impressive that you copied the whole Tower Of Hell. The shop is also the same as Tower Of Hell.

Something I really like though is the obstacles. They aren’t copied from Tower Of Hell and look really nice and creative.

Overall, It’s nice! Keep up the great work!

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  • The thumbnail is the same as Tower of Hell… but worse.
  • It looks A LOT like Tower of Hell.
  • The shop doesn’t have ANY of your own mutators, you copied them from ToH: Negative, Low Gravity, Extra Time, etc…
  • Even the TOP is the same as ToH.
  • Kinda empty.
  • I got 3 of the same stages out of 4 stages. ;-;

Overall, you could of went for a more creative for the game. I play A LOT of ToH so I’m not much a fan of this flat-out copy, but I’m sure if you mind to it you can accomplish an actual original successful game.

Why did you give HD Admin in it?


Thanks for the feedback! This was an overall test game too make sure all of the scripts we made in other games were working! We didn’t put much effort in design because- well this was a test game. Thanks though.