A graphic art I made: Looking for feedback!

So I currently make graphics for free and me and my friend started developing a game and I thought, mind as well get a thumbnail going for it.

Here’s what I have as a result, what are some things I could touch up on? What is something I could do to make this look better?

What I use:

PaintRigV3 (via blender)
Blender (cycles system)
Pixlr E (photo editor)


it looks great its just that it looks a bit AMAZING

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The guy himself is good, and I like how the text is old-fashioned, which I assume is the style you’re going for. The only thing I don’t like is how the background is an IRL forest. It would look way better if the background was a Roblox forest, and make the lighting match. Besides the background, it looks great!

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I added some rain to it, here’s what it is now (I re rendered it)


Esta bien, pero la cara no me convence.

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Lo siento, es solo una preferencia jajaja

Another re-render! I added more reflections.

That’s much better! I think the background is a real picture, but the rain makes the character fit into the environment.

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My guy, speak inglish, its easier senor

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Pero usa el traductor, yo lo usé y entendí lo que escribiste.

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Although yes it does look nice, the background is a little much and disconnects the viewer from what the actual game is about, a more obvious roblox background would allow the gfx to flow better. And so I agree with my comrades. Good work, I believe you have talent to go places.


Like literally speak inglish

Mejor no dejar que la gente realmente traduzca lo que dices

I like it, I feel the really realistic background removes from the ROBLOX vibe, but other than that fantastic!