A group of a union and some parts doesn't show up in Studio but does in game

It’s like union corruption but backwards and worse, it doesn’t show up in Studio but does in game… That’s it. The game itself and in Studio is synced, I checked, but it’s just not there at all in Studio.

I can’t upload a screenshot smh but it’s just a model with a union and some parts… that’s all

How the hell do I fix this if I can’t see or delete the group in Studio playtesting and edit mode

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instead of spamming posts in the forum, search for the answer; your last post has been “necro’d” 3 times by yourself.


I just made a discovery by importing the broken model in game with F3X into Studio and ungrouping it! The union inside the group is corrupted. But, the rest of the problem still remains. (The fact that the problem is reversed, and also doing the same for not only the union but the group as well)

My current solution is to keep the broken tunnel where it is and delete the correctly placed and non broken tunnel. It’s too high and looks kinda odd, but better than it was before (before it was a non broken normally placed tunnel but with a duplicated slightly higher broken cant see in studio tunnel)

The issue is I still can’t move it if I need to.

Well, it fixed itself entirely when I slept and woke up :slight_smile: the corrupted union inside the group stayed corrupted (this time normal corruption) but I don’t care because now I can put the non broken one back in place and finally delete the now fixed tunnel.
it was just a really odd glitch, I think it had something to do with team create because my other developer friend didn’t see the broken tunnel, but I did, but after I reopened Studio… it fully happened.

It happened again with a large group of stuff… this is getting extremely out of hand smh
But this time, it’s only showing up for Zena, not for me, when she rejoined though it was gone. Sound familiar?

What it looked like for her before/what it looks like in game:


At least now we know it’s only fixed with time

Another difference is that it’s doing it with multiple models.