A gym I made over the weekend

I made this over the weekend and I used no free models with it so please enjoy (I dont 3d model so there are no models to go with it :frowning:).


forgot to post it btw, I did a silly.

It looks pretty good just a bit empty. It would look better with windows too. I do like the choices of colors and material though. Nice work!

Its meant to not have windows as this is for a basketball game and you are meant to be in one place.

I absolutely adore it so far, once it has models implemented, I’m sure it’ll look stunning. Great job! 9.5/10 :sun_with_face:

Imma add my other models later once I finish them

Erm, why is it flagged??? And yeah pretty empty.

It was flagged because it did not comply to the DevForum’s rules.

Wait what part of it? I don’t see anything that links that to this.

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Apparently it’s spam. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

But…it isn’t asking for a rating…so…

Read the title again. It’s there very clearly.

Oh, the title, I’m blind XD. That makes sense.

Pretty empty/bland it could use some more redeeming qualities