A is not a valid member of Frame

So there might be something wrong with my script, but I don’t know how to fix it
the error says:

A is not a valid member of Frame “Players.haydentheminecraft.PlayerGui.StarterGui.Frame”

I have also kept this line of script that I got an error on, inside another frame, I just need a way to manipulate a button inside of a script.

but this is the script that I wrote:

script.Parent.Parent.Frame.Visible = true

any ways on how to fix this?

whats the part of the script that is looking for “A”

So I had a script which is inside another frame, let’s call the other frame “Frame1”
The there is a button which is called A, but the A is in another frame which we call “Frame2”
So Frame1 > LocalScript > script.Parent.Parent.Frame.Visible = true
Frame2 > A > Visible

Hope that makes sense…

Can you show the explorer and that script?

For future support, please provide images when you get these kinds of errors, cause sometimes it helps.
In this case, please provide a screenshot of the “Explorer” tab.

As for the solution, you are probably not grabbing the “A” instance properly.