A less intensive water option, and more alternate terrain options in general

I’ve often ran into the issue of players not being able to run my games all that well because I use the terrain water. I really like all of the features that come with it, the swimming and the buoyancy, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were a less flashy and intensive option? Maybe a water tile that is just slightly transparent and blue, without any of the waves or refraction.
I also think that if roblox really wants to push the use of terrain (even using water is an incredible hassle, and with a little over 1000x1000 voxels not many players can run it well) they’ll have to add more options for the developers. I realize this has been said, but terrain seems to be another one of those features that was just sort of forgotten about, despite recent slight updates. For it to be really useful, it needs a lot more versatility.

Definitely, it would also be better for simulating something like a lake of a pond with more calm looking water.

I think water-parts would be really useful

Well it’s what we all originally wanted.