A List of All Deprecated Classes, Enums, Events, Functions, and Properties

Post last updated on August 16th, 2023

A list of all the deprecated API, organized by alphabet.

This was is created simply for convenience.

NOTE 1/17/2023

Apparently I have exceeded the 5000 character limit, so I have moved the list to a GitHub Pages Link below.



Note: This list is almost entirely based on the Roblox Create Documentation API Reference. If there’s something I missed, please let me know asap so I can add it to to the list. I want this list to be as reliable as possible

Pull requests to update the list are also welcome.

This list is subject to change when more things deprecate in the future.

Endpoints I created for fetching the deprecated API:

GET https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-classes

GET https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-enums

GET https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-enumitems

GET https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-callbacks

GET: https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-events

GET https://api.valiantwind.dev/v1/roblox/deprecated-properties

Content-Type: application/json

Rate limit: 250 requests per second.


The title should be “A list of Instance-based objects deprecated”. Not to confuse with the events and functions.

Here are some classes you didn’t include above:

  • Weld
  • Might be AdService but it is not documented as deprecated.

Weld isn’t deprecated actually. That was mistakenly written as deprecated.

Sounds good. I’ll edit the title for my clarity.

Edit: Never mind. That’s not a good title since not every single on my list is instance-based.


all the deprecated things look good but cant be used this is sad


Where’s bodyvelocity? Isn’t that deprecated too?


Do you have a source for this? It would make sense if it were deprecated as WeldConstraint’s exist.


Yes but weldconstraint does not have all of the same properties as well, that’s why it didn’t get deprecated.


There’s not really a point in using C0/C1 these days when you have the pivot editor/api.


Yes a mod said it themselves


Welds and weld constraints simply aren’t the same. Weld constraints dont have a C1 and C0 property, while welds do. Welds also destroy when impacted which is good for physic and destruction type games.

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I can tell you that you don’t even know what these even do.

Pivot editors are for pivots , not actually for games


Almost drop in replacement in terms of functionality for legacy welds are supposed to be RigidConstraints, not WeldConstraints.

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Agreed. I just can’t like rn because of the like limit.

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I just added all the Deprecated Enums to the Original Post that I found on the Roblox API Reference Pages which showed up to date changes on the Roblox API as well as deprecated Enums that weren’t documented on the DevHub.

Oh man, seeing some of these (Flag, Hint, PointsService, even Genre!!!) takes me back. Kinda makes me wanna make a museum to show all of them off as a kind of archival place (for the ones that work, and replicating the experience for the ones that don’t)

Does anyone know what VoiceSource was? I doubt it had anything to do with voice chat, however I’ve never heard of it before and in all honesty it looks like it kinda is voice chat related.

It’s also interesting to see that Genre is deprecated, unless it’s completely unrelated to the website (however with the lack of genre searching and the fact most people put their stuff under All Genres these days I’d be surprised…)

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Gives me lots of nostalgia too.

Just added the Deprecated Bools, doubles, floats, and ints.

I’m in the process of adding the int64s, the strings, and the voids.

My hand hurts.

and strings are going to be a pain to do :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: Finished int64

I don’t even know what these are but interesting…

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