A Menacing Timeline Update 0.5

Update Log:

Main Things:

Start Screen
Gui Update

Added/Updated Specs/Stands:

Added Jeff The Killer
Reworked Sans
Added A Second Phase (Ink Demon) To Bendy
Added 2 New Moves For Vegito (Y) and (B)
Added M1’s To Goku Black

Added NPCs:

Mutant Snowgolem Boss (Spawns Every 2 Hours On a Public Server) (Drops: %50, Netherrack,%45 Clown Mask,%5 Super Dragon Ball,%1 Gons Fishing Rod,%0.5 Ender Pearl)

Balance Changes:

Increased Vegitos (G) Cooldown From 11 Seconds To 15 Seconds
Buffed Akazas Awakening Health From 545 To 575

Updated Effects:

Updated Sound Effects For Vegito
New Aura For Vegito Super Saiyan God/Blue
New Transformation Effect For Vegito’s Forms
New Transformation Effect For Goku Black Rose