A Message From The Secretary General Regarding The Ceasing of Operations of The RUN

Dear R.U.N Community,

Sadly, we will be ceasing all operations of the group on December 31st, due to not getting enough members and people not being active.The HQ was a mess so we will no longer be releasing that anytime soon. I will reopen the group wall so everyone can say goodbye. Handbooks will no longer be in use, application centers will not rank. So after half a year we will cease all operations on December 31st. Please note that this was not how we wanted the group to turn out.
(Note: We may restart again someday if I can get more motivated but as of now the group will be dormant starting December 31st.)
Stay safe, MandarinNate (Secretary General) and all of the RUN Management.

I might bring back the group some day but as of no it will remain dormant. - RUN HR’s.

I have made the decision to keep the group up and running. So we aren’t closing!