A music system with requests?

Hello! I’m basically new to purchase systems and have these two questions;

  • How do I check if the player paid the request song asset?

  • How do I add the SoundId to the music system aka table values I made?

You could make it so once the player bought the asset, it makes appear a gui where you can enter a sound ID and then it will goes to a NumberValue and then the NumberValue would go to the sound id of a “Sound” then play. Hope you understood.

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I made a table value for when the players DON’T request a song, how do I add it to my table value?

I don’t understand, could you explain a bit clearly?

Yes, so basically, I’m trying to make a song request system as following;

People pay 10 ROBUX to request a song their choice. How do I add the song they requested to the music playlist?

For the queue system you could make that if a song is playing currently you create a new “Sound” and make it the ID that is requested from the player. Once the song that’s playing has ended, you make the second “Sound” play. I’m not gonna give the full code

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I understand, but how will I make it work with my visualizer? Would :FireClient work?

Yea. I think. If your stuck then try watching a YT video.

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