A new take on 'Build and Battle'

Me and Defaultio hashed this out in a few days using the new cloud edit stuff. It’s pretty neat if I do say so myself.

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Can confirm game is 10/10 fun.

This is neat. This is really neat. If you were to add a few more things and polish it this could become a front page game.

Fun game mate although you should tell @Zomebody and @Vonstalhein how to play they only teamkill and shoot our structures and let me die horribly on the red side qq

Says the guy who decided to kill his own team’s defences >_>

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…Who was destroying my tower…

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You might wanna work a bit on doing more stuff locally, the actions are pretty delayed if there are enough explosions/players.

I’m away from home right now and can’t play it. What’s it about?

There’s a crystal/core thing on either side of a map with hills (with stones, trees, and metal rocks) separated by a river. You can gather the stone/wood/metal and carry it back to your base, and then the resources are added to your team. Everyone in the team can use the resources to build blocks of different types as defense, and utilities such as turrets/teleporters/vehicles/etc. Everyone also gets a rocket launcher + bomb. The goal is to blow up the enemy crystal/core before they blow up yours.

Oh and everything is destroyable but wood is weaker than stone, is weaker than metal.


So THAT’S what I saw off in the distance

I think the design is basic, but the concept could be pretty cool since it’s a team battle.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.38.21 PM.png

Am I doing this right?

Here’s a better video

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Desperately needs polish, but it’s good that you guys actually got it working before spending tons of time on visuals.

The bright green shiny textureless floor is a huge turn off for me. The game just feels like it was made in 2010 or something.

Love the tools and the different building aspects! Good work guys! Only visuals could use some work, also GUI could be a tad bit cleaner.

Could some people join in
Also maybe don’t use CSG stuff with bevels for basic things like basic cubes to build with
The imbalance of detail quickly gets out of hand, and the high number of triangles rendering goes up too quickly with competent users.