A* Pathfinding with complex movement

After some trouble with Roblox’s built-in pathfinding, I think it’s time I create my own.

Looking through previous threads I was able to find plenty of information about mapping in a 2D environment, but nothing about moving an a 3D plane or even jumping.

Any simple pointers would be appreciated! (Sorry if this is short, it’s late and I’m falling asleep)

So the X and Z axis are going to be the same, so you can take the algorithm for the 2D mapping, and apply it to 3D by replicating the effects of the X axis mapping to both the X and Z axis, and then take the 2D Y mapping, and apply it to the 3D Y mapping.

I’d assume I’d limit node distance along the Y axis to the max JumpHeight?

If you mean the distance between each node in the Y axis, then yes.