A player counter that counts how many players are in a different place

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    a way to tell how many players are in a place if you are in, (you in: place1) (everyone else in: Place 2)

how the script would work is something like this.

First: we get the place ID.

Next: we detect how many players are in that place alone.

Then: we do a loop to refresh the counter (for example).

Example: every 30 seconds there’s about 5 new players that join in/out that game
let’s just say there in the menu and they join in place1 which teleport them to
place1 same goes with place2, place3, place4, you get the idea but, I want to get
place1 players, the amount of players in that server, if there’s 7 in that place it
will say (7 are playing) or 3 (3 are playing).

simple as that.

do not write entire scripts or design entire systems, at least basic stuff.

I think you should use MessagingService for this it lets you communicate between places so I’m pretty sure you could set it up so that you can get the amount of players in each server. I’m not great with this so I can’t really provide any code, but you should look into it.

alright I will have look into it.