A question based on welding welded objects to each-other

Hello, currently I was wondering how to rig the character using welds, but since I weld multiple things onto one object for ex. called “MainPart” and if I weld a different part that is welded too then they go insane, I know that I am definitely doing something wrong by welding a welded object to another one, cause I thought like R15 hands and checked that there are attachments in the character for its rigs.

Does anyone have some kind of a simple explanation of how to make the character welded that way so it won’t be hard to animate it afterward? As of right now, I’ve got all of the character’s body parts welded into one object and the rest are the same, unfortunately, if I animate it like that, it’s gonna look weird in the end.

I fully wish somebody knows this and could help easily out on explaining why it happens and could easily explain on how to fix it.

(p.s, I’m sorry in case I chose the wrong category for this post)

You’ll want to use Motor6D’s instead of welds if you want to use animations with it. If you attach a Motor6D to a currently existing (and properly built) NPC, that new part attached via a Motor6D will show up in the animation editor.