A quick poll about ammo systems, which do you like better?

I’d like honest opinions of which you like the most? If neither, reply with a better system.

Ammo system like Deadside where you don’t need mags, just ammo, however have attachments that increase mag size (ie. no need for manual mag loading or finding mags, just ammo that is compatible with your gun.


Ammo system like DayZ where you need both the Mag and the compatible ammo, and for increased mag size, you find bigger mags. (ie. manual mag loading, need for finding mags, and the need for finding ammo compatible with your gun.

Which do you like better?

Mag type
  • Without mags (The first one)
  • With mags (The second one)

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You should’ve used the DevForum’s built-in poll feature BTW.

It personally depends on the game. There’s no one better method. If your game is a CoD / Battlefield style game where the gameplay is relatively fast, the first option is much superior. Having a mag and ammo type system seems clunky and unfit for those genres.

On the the other hand, however, if you’re making a strategical shooter similar to CS:GO, or Arma, both options seem fit.

If you’re making a game alike the AR (a open-world PvE/PvP survival game), I think the second one is superior.

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Oh dang, I didn’t know you could do that. Whoops. Thank you.

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Your welcome, the button should be in the gear above what your writing.