A quick question about remote events/functions and Bindable events

Ok so basically in my round script fires remote events/function, and bindable events. I have another script that does the game part, but once the game script is finished and round script loops does the remote event/function or binable event is fired and received, can it fire and receive again?

Yes it can.

You could’ve tested this one out by firing a remote twice rather than waiting for a reply.

If it doesn’t work then it’s wrong to assume it doesn’t fire again, there’s something wrong with your implemenation.

For me it doesn’t fire and receive again only the intermission is looping: robloxapp-20200707-1453568.wmv (Don’t mind the other broken part, I’m currently fixing that)

But my round script loops so then the script should fire the event, maybe the game script is receiving the event?