A r15 blender animation

Oh, boi oh boi I’m back at it again with one blender animation this time I was bored and made the Overwrite button from the Undertale AU underverse. (Ik big mistake mentioning Undertale)

Also yes I did make the knife and the button on my own

So yeah here’s the animation

Feedback for improvements would be cool


I like that. Very cool sword also.

I noticed some clipping with the giant knife. Over all it looks really good! Is this for SoulShatters?

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I noticed the clipping while clipping it and no it’s not for soul shatters I wish tho if it was I could do the r15 animations for it
but I just made that animation for fun and I was feeling like it todo the mesh model for the overwrite button and the knife.

Oh cool. It looks like an r15 version of xchara in SS. Perhaps they should hire you.

yeah but im a short term dev and not a long term ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think it’s really good, the meshes are nice, it’s a clean animation, and it’s short. Nice job.