A remake of one of my first ever games, and I need feedback!

I am working to reimage an older game of mine, and I’d like feedback!
Such as : Enjoyment, Bugs, etc.
Original : The Knocking - Roblox
Remake : (4) The Knocking : Remastered - Roblox
It would help a lot, thanks!

I Blasted through the original, it wasnt THAT scary

I played the remake, it was better, but it had some issues
I went running against the doors, the texts piled up and I couldn’t read them
And what happened to the first person? That would make me a little bit scared
And could you decorate the house, just for design

Ok, the good points
Animation is good
Idea is good
Mechanics of the game are good
Yay, badges


Thanks! It really means a lot!
btw first person was removed because I got some people to play test the original, and they disliked first person.


First person is better for horror games just saying. Anyways, good game.