A script (in or out of Roblox) which turns Roblox Decals into brick arrays? Help

Hello All

I was looking for a way to easily convert, or atleast help towards converting a decal’s pixels (to an extent) to a brick array on Roblox.
Is there a pre-existing script or program for this, and if not, what would be the easiest/ most efficient way to make and go around this idea, as I chosen converting Decals from Roblox, simply due to the fact that it would reduce possible reports of bypassing, if they were converted from Decals.

Could I also create this script directly into Roblox, or as a plugin, or would it have to be outside of the Studio program, to convert Decals into usable .rbxl or equivalent file formats which can be used with Roblox?

Thanks if you do read!

As far as I know there isn’t a way to detect the actual shape of decals, you could attempt to use another decal to detect collision to get a rough silhouette of the decal but I’m fairly sure that collisions with decals arent reliable whatsoever if they detect at all that is.

I had an idea of how to potentially do it, but I’m unsure if it would actually work/ be possible to do in this way.

Could you create lets say a 100x100 brick array, place a decal behind, and make a script change the brick infront of a certain area of the decal to the colour most prevalent in that 1x1 area? Or atleast the first colour it finds there. And have a script run that for each 1x1 area aka each brick on the decal, to find a color on the decal, and change the brick to that colour accordingly?