A soundtrack for a game i guess

I’m currently remaking a game about literally opening a door that somehow got popular last 2 years, for a small amount of time (for absolutely no reason whatsoever), and I guess this is the soundtrack for it.

Give me some feedback, I suppose.


Damn that’s a really great soundtrack. Absolutely love it! Makes me a lot more relaxed.


Pretty epik.

I like the use of high register from the piano; sounds suitable for a game like this.

I admit, sometimes it feels a bit random in terms of the melody and rhythm like at 0:46 or 0:57.
Also, the bass feels a bit jarring with the melody itself at times as well. I would suggest making sure the bass stays out of close proximity with the melody at all times to maintain that depth throughout the song.
Forgive me if I’m wrong but is there some sort of counter-melody occuring in the background? If it is, then geez I feel it is also adding to that jarriness.

Some ways I would suggest improving is utilising different instruments to create more thickness in texture and also making sure you keep instruments on different registers. Other than that, I think the song is pretty cool to listen to.

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Thanks for the feedback! And yeah in that specific part, it’s kind of random because I am out of ideas. Also I haven’t add any bass, but somehow the low notes sounds like one.

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