A subcategory for feedback threads

Right now there isn’t really a formal category for asking for feedback on your game(s). Cool creations is close but is really for showing off what you’re making and not for asking for feedback . If there is anything you like to add to this please reply with suggestions and I might edit them in :slight_smile:

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The cool creations, development discussion, and design/scripting/building help categories may all be used to ask the community for feedback on the game. Simply giving your topic a name like “Feedback on XYZ game/build/design/mechanic” should be sufficient.

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I have tried that and my post was denied because it wasn’t sufficient and I’m here because that discussion led to the top contributor telling me I could suggest it here because it hasn’t been suggested

I do see a lot of feedback in these categories now I’m really confused :joy: honestly this is probably why it be better to have a category for feedback to be more organized