A substitute to GuiService.SelectedCoreObject

I assume I have to use GuiService.SelectedObject but I have no idea
Code below


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So we can avoid an xy problem, you should ask about what you want to achieve rather than asking about your attempted solution that probably won’t achieve your goal.

What I want is for gamepad users, every gui is unselected on leave

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Do you mind explaining what you mean by gamepad users? Like controllers…? Also you shouldn’t need to unselect guis on leave or atleast I can’t think of a reason to…?

You could just use GuiService.SelectedObject (not Core, that is for CoreScripts) for that although I don’t see the point in this

Yeah, I assumed I had to use this; as this is for a project that I am doing that forks the CoreScripts etc. DO NOT ASK WHY I AM DOING THIS (Cuz I will just reply with “bored”)

PS1: Just thought that SelectedCoreObject had some other functionality, because some other Core properties I have seen have hidden functionality that it’s Identity 2 Part doesn’t

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