A system allowing players to 'exchange' in-game purchases - would there be any problems?

For my project, I had the idea of making an (in-game) system where, if a player were unhappy with their in-game purchase (like a developer product which granted a perk, e.g. gold colored chat text), they could exchange that purchase for a different one (e.g. red colored chat). The player would lose the perk granted by the original purchase, and instead gain the perk granted by the new one. If the product they want to exchange to is more expensive, they’d simply pay the difference (via a developer product).

Barring the lack of economic benefits to the developer from this kind of system (lol), would I get in trouble for implementing a system like this? It would be completely clear to the player what they are losing, what they are getting, etc + confirmation screens, but I feel like this might be getting into fishy waters

Maybe more suitable for developer products than gamepasses?


For clarification, there’s nothing in the rules saying you cannot refund a player for in-game currency, even if that currency is bought with R$. If there is, quote it please as I’m unaware.

In fact, if I were a player who had bought a cosmetic item for 10 [in-game currency] and wanted to swap it for another cosmetic item that’s 15 [in-game currency], I’d be more tempted to buy 5 more of the in-game currency, than 15 and just absorb the 10 I spent on the cosmetic item I don’t want anymore. It’d be a good way to get small purchases until a player had enough [in-game currency] to buy whatever cosmetic item they’d want at any given time by trading them.

If I were to do this, I’d allow players to exchange at a slight loss, say every exchange loses 25% of the value or whatever just to keep sales up. But that’s up to you.

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My example was really simple, but yeah, I have ideas for use cases of this which are both financially viable (if not beneficial) to me and also really helpful to the player.

But I’m not sure if implementing something like this for gamepass perks, like in my example, would be the greatest idea. If your intentions are to improve user experience, you might as well just offer a 5 minute “trial” of the gamepass (if viable), and if your product is actually up to speed it should only increase sales.

I can assume that you’d not get in-trouble, due to many games using randomizers to grant in-game perks. Few games (from my memory) even allow the option to trade these in-game items. I hope this helps. :smile:

I don’t think The TOS is bad enough to ban In-Game Trading, you should be fine.

A lot of games on FP have a trading system.

And I don’t see a reason of why this is wrong because from my perspective everybody wins.

Make sure to have disclaimers;

“Do not make deals outside of the game”

“All trades are final”


And implement a way to prevent scamming and exploit farming the system.

It should be totally fine. This is basically equilivent to a trading system which is in most games anyways.

I really don’t see any issues.