A upgrade! and I need some help

I been working on this cyberpunk game I need a ideas on what to add like what stores Im thinking of adding a gym a tech store and a lab but thats all I have in my mind besides some food areas but I got a decent amount of them any ideas?



I love the lightings. Try adding more buildings like a restaurant or a night club.

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I already have a nightclub and a like 3+ resaurants

But I’ll add another nightclub somewhere

In that case, try to make modern vehicles.


Its cyberpunk so I’ll be making futuristic vehicles Im currently working on a few

An amusing centre maybe? Try adding a wheel and a casino maybe, all the stuff that can be included in an amusement centre.

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Ima add that in the rich area and yeah I should make a centre ty for ur input

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Possibly add a bank? Like a building that emits a sort of power over it surroundings. Otherwise, I love the builds! Is there a link to the game so I can check it out (if it’s public?)

Lol i just went to wiki for help (I hope that’s ok to do here in the dev forum) Also I got a few ideas from my head. Here is a list of buildings you could add:
Office Buildings.
Toy stores.
Food shops.
Furniture stores.
Fast food.
Gardening stores.
Insurance companies.
Roblox HQ. lol
Car dealers.
Different companies idk. (When I say companies I mean the companies HQ like where the sort out there business stuff so it would be places with lots of waiting rooms and meeting rooms and stuff like that)
Studios like for dancing, acting or drama.
A pool.
A library.
A movie theater.
Food court.
Shoe store.
The retirement homes.
Normal houses.
I hope this was useful, can’t wait to see what your game look like when it’s finished. :slight_smile:

(Also of course you would have to make all the stuff cyber punk and futuristic themed too)

(Also if you want to link you game I would love to check it out.)

If you get stuck I would recommend looking at pictures or drawings of what your trying to build and take inspiration from them. You could also do a sketch of where you want the stuff in the buildings to go and use that to help you. Hope I was helpful. :slight_smile:

                                                            -From Cre8tor.

Tysm u added ideas I didnt event think of

I added a bank and no not yet sadly but ty