A way to smooth terrain like LoD does in this image

Riding along the rough stuff here makes it hard to get enough speed.

Look at those smooth areas and sweet jump leadups, circled.

Requesting a way to convert the terrain into that, when we’re done with it. Custom scale factor, or just smooth it like the chunks next to the person in the image would be fine.


Omg yes, working on a smooth terrain snowboard game, and having a hard time making it smooth enough for enjoyable gameplay, so this is exactly what I need


Would the smooth tool not work?

The smooth tool can actually cause bumps (unless I’m just not using it right.). I personally almost never use it and instead I like to use the erode or grow tools at their lowest strength because it works a lot better.

Example - in the picture below the hills were made with the grow tool and then I tried using a large size smooth tool to smooth out the area in the middle of the three hills (there are tree in a sort of triangle and I’m focusing on one of them). As you can see, the outer side of the hill is smooth while the inner side where I used the smooth tool actually left ridges.


On top of the smooth tool being borked, you also can’t smooth the entire terrain object at once because of its size, and brushing over the same areas would lead to uneven distributions, as well as the immense lag. It’d need to come from whatever makes the LoD next chunk smoother.

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An improved terrain smooth tool would be awesome. What you could do for now is export the terrain and maybe smooth it in blender.

I suspect that may go over the 5000 triangle limit for meshparts.

If I remember correctly, LOD is downsampling by taking four voxels and computing a weighted average. I’m not really sure on specifics, but this is basically how you could expect blurring to work as well. I’m not sure the built-in smooth tool actually does this, not really sure why either.

Well you can break it up and import it in sections