A word on griefing and moderation

Hey! I know many of you guys have been anxious to hear about how we’re going to deal with griefers and other badly behaved players. I previously introduced a votekick tool to empower you to remove griefers quickly and easily, but of course this would not be a full solution itself.

So, after much careful consideration and listening to your opinions, I’m going to be implementing a hybrid moderation system where the community and moderators work closely together to keep Blox running smoothly.

Changes to selfmod

For self moderation, votekick is already a powerful tool which has saved many servers from bad actors already.

It’s not perfect, of course! In response to recent reports of votekick abuse, I have decided to raise the number of votes needed from 50% to 60%, which was decided upon collectively by a recent poll I posted out to you guys!

Votekicks now have a time limit - if a votekick is not successful within 90 seconds of initiation (1 and 1/2 minutes), the votekick will be cleared. This stops bad actors abusing past votes to kick innocent people.

In addition, to initiate a vote kick, you will now have to provide a reason, which will be publicly broadcast to the server:


Votekicks will now be logged; every time a player is votekicked, the following information will be logged:

  • The name and user ID of the player kicked
  • The name and user ID of the original person who started the votekick
  • The names and user IDs of other players who voted to kick that player
  • The reason given by the person who started the votekick

That information will be especially important for the other brand new part of the system;

Manual review

I will be introducing a new manual review system; by combining votekick data and griefing reports sent in by you, we will be able to identify and punish griefers directly.

For any of you wondering what we’ll be doing with existing griefing reports - we’ll be punishing former griefers with a short-term ban, as a warning to not break our rules on griefing. Repeat offenders after this point will be punished incrementally, with permanent bans in the most extreme of cases. Specifically, we will use these punishment tiers:

  • First offence: 24 hour ban (includes former offenders from existing grief reports)
  • Second offence: 3 day ban
  • Third offence: 2 week ban
  • Fourth offence: 3 month ban
  • Fifth offence: 9 month ban
  • Sixth offence: Permanent ban

These tiers will be strictly enforced - you may not appeal to reduce your ban time. Permanent bans cannot be appealed either. People who abuse the votekick system will be subject to the same punishment tiers. All bans will also be logged.

If you believe you have been wrongfully banned, an appeals process will be implemented in our community server. From there, we can revert any bans which are found to be incorrect. Kindly note that submitting an appeal does not guarantee a reversion; there must be independently verifiable evidence to back up your appeal.

What you can do

I plan to roll out these new moderation systems as part of Blox 0.37. That’s still a while away, so in the meantime, please continue to send in griefing reports in our community server, under #griefing-reports. They will all be taken into account!

On a related note, please use Roblox’s Report Abuse system for reporting players breaking Roblox rules (swearing, harassment, being inappropriate, that stuff) - that kind of thing is best dealt with by their dedicated moderation teams rather than by us!

Finally, if you have any feedback on these changes, please do tell me! I’m always looking for feedback.

Hopefully, this will help address some of the unfortunate problems we’ve been having, so that we can foster a healthy community together! :sparkles:
See you around :wave:


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