A work in progress Homestore

Hello! As I’ve never really done one of these feedback things, I’m pretty new to it. But, as of right now I’ve been working on this homestore with my friend and we’re going for like a pinkish blue aesthetic color and like a lot of neon colors for more of an aesthetic look. In the pictures, I’ve done basically all the work (building/structure, designing, etc.) and my friend has done some of the poses. Like said, it’s still a work in progress but it would be amazing for any feedback or critique on it if you would like! On my behalf, I’m still kinda not that best at building but I’m learning every day as I try to do some practice ones. Overall, anything would be nice for your feedback and I would love to try and implement it into the development of the build!

(I’m also not really good at making models/meshes on blender or C4D as I don’t really use it but I could always try to make it!)


Everyone starts from the basics and you didn’t do so badly, I could recommend adding some solid/rect pillars if it looks good and in some windows not to be so transparent.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try and implement those someway into the build. <3