A Working Elevator!

After about 2.5 Weeks of researching and learning about Tween Service through the devforum, I was finally able to make A working elevator! (ofc that i will use for my upcoming game), I would like to know how i could improve and what can i change!

2021-12-11 04-15-56_ (the video is too large sorry!)


I like the elevators looks, looks old and broken down.

It looks like you have the script down, the only thing I can think that you can add it some type of indicator that the elevator is going up.

Hope this helped

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Thank you So much for the Feedback! And Of course I will add buttons that u can go up and down with!

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Considering the damaged look of the elevator, I don’t think that it should be that smooth.
It should be rickety and shaky.
assuming you use the tweening services like everyone else, the easing style shouldn’t be Cubic.