[AA] Allegiance in ARK & FC War

[AA] Allegiance in ARK & FC War


Arkyn Sentinels and Frost Clan have accepted to officially go to war with each other. It has been decided that Alpha Authority will aid Arkyn Sentinels in their quest to pwn Frost Clan through war.

It has been three years since we went to war alongside our allies. Although the activity has dropped from at peak of thirty-five concurrent Alpha Authority players during that year, we feel our efforts as welcomed by the leaders of Arkyn Sentinels shall be good for Alpha Authority’s overall health. A bit of activity and surely some fun to engage our player-base in.

War Notes

This war is meant to be a competitive, fun, and non-toxic environment. Given the circumstances of each clans’ history, bases, and community, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Alpha Authority has no plans to ask for War Term changes, we believe Arkyn Sentinels and Frost Clan shall make civil and mature decisions with the war efforts.

Unfortunately, Roblox Clan Network announced the war document in their news channel, which goes out to tens of thousands of players. This will cause a lot of activity to spike in either clan due to people joining, which may make way for confusion, trolls, and unbalance when it comes to each side. We hope that this does not interfere with what this war is meant be.

Either way, Alpha Authority officially declares war on Frost Clan, siding with Arkyn Sentinels. May this war be fruitful with excitement, joy, and victory for both sides.

Game Notes

These are games that will probably be used during the war efforts. Noting them down is an important measure so all our members may read and understand the games’ relation in the war.

As for training facilities, Private Servers - BTC III is one of a few places that we intend to use to rally and train with. Another training facility that we shall use for the same purpose is tryhardedgelordtops 2. Tryhardedgelordtops 2 is equipped with Frost Bows and swords, while Private Servers - BTC III has swords that Arkyn Sentinels was given.

As for rally hubs, we plan to use RALLY - City Center for defense and raid rallies.

As for forts, it is currently possible to use private servers on all of the forts used in the war, The Adeheim Basin and Fort Wolf III. Defense Practices on each of these forts shall play a key role in learning game sense for this war.


Arkyn Sentinels

Frost Clan

War Declaration

Final Notes

This DevForum topic will be updated accordingly as the war progresses. Thanks for reading!


All personnel in The New Authority have given the okay for this document, 15/15.

In-effect May 15, 2022, 12:30 PM EST.

The New Authority has lost full recognition to continue this war. Alpha Authority pulls out.

In-effect, June 5, 2022, 2:02 PM EST.


14.05.2022 16.44 EST - Edited allies information in Introduction and War Notes
15.05.2022 12.33 EST - Signed The New Authority
05.06.2022 14:02 EST - Pulled Out