AA | The New Authority ⋅ Information



The New Authority is Alpha Authority’s development group. Members part of TNA are given exclusive access to games, assets, development workspaces, and information regarding the latest updates.


Rank Organization

TNA sorted by testers, developers, reign members, managers, the leader / Visionaire, and the group holder / Excalibur.

  • Testers help stress test games, as well as act as quality assurance. They give feedback to the higher-ups and other testers on what can be done to improve games.

  • Developers are divided into two ranks. Game developers and Asset developers. There’s a difference between these two classifications. These classifications determine what users are able to work upon on group permission levels.They are directed by reign members, managers, and Visionaire.

    • Game developers have access to game management. A user’s status as a game developer means they are trusted with TNA’s games, and can edit them. However, they cannot upload anything to the group.

    • Asset developers have no access to game management. A user’s status as an asset developer means they create things for TNA, but cannot edit, update, or upload anything to the group.

  • Reign members have full access to TNA’s management, and may work on it at any time. This rank consists of high ranks and anyone above. Reign members work together with the managers and Visionaire to complete operations.

  • Managers also have full access to TNA’s management, and may work on it at any time. They are the second-in-command of TNA’s operations.

  • The Visionaire is the leader of Alpha Authority. They are the first-in-command of TNA’s operations.

  • Excalibur is the rank that TNA is held from.

Discord Organization

TNA has a private Discord server. The server is the main communications ground for TNA’s developments. Since its private, nothing else will be disclosed.

Public Interaction

TNA at times will ask the public to help on certain things. These include place tests. The group also provides updates on how things are going.