Aauvi | Public Handbook

Aauvi | Public Handbook

What is Aauvi?
Welcome to Aauvi! Aauvi is a Juice Bar on the roblox platform serving a variety of Juices, and snacks, for our customers! Aauvi’s bigest goal is customer satisfaction, we work to our hardest for our customers to enjoy their time at our Juice Bar.

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Important Information

Rules & Guidelines

Aauvi has a list of rules we require all of our Members to follow.

We require an appropriate attire from all of our members, customers and staff.
This includes a shirt and pants must be on. People who bypass this rule in-game can obtain 2 minutes to change their shirt.
We do not allow shirts with inappropriate language, or images on them.

At all times, bypassing the ROBLOX chat filter is not allowed, and you’ll be pbanned on the spot.

Trolling, at all times is not allowed at Aauvi. This includes, not ordering off the menu purposefully, being rude to staff, and etc.

At all times, impersonating any of our staff or other people, will result in an ban from our games, and a blacklist.

We have the right to blacklist your group if we wish, this will normally happen due to impersonating, leaking, stealing, or copying. We always warn and give a chance before blacklisting but failure to abide will result in a blacklist. Stealing and copying will result in a blacklist & an attempt to get your group taken down, this is stuff like stealing graphics, assets, etc.

Advertising your group or games is not allowed to do in our games. This would be like going around asking people who work here or are visiting to join your group. This is strictly not allowed in Discord or ROBLOX.

We have every right to issue a punishment if we think that your breaking our groups guidelines or rules, some punishments can be appealed as some can’t.


We love forming partnerships with other groups, although a few requirements that we put out will follow.


  • Your group must obtain over 2,500 members. Acceptions can be made.
  • We require a discord server with atleast 50 members.
  • Your discord server must be professionally organized
  • Your group must obtain professional staff
  • Your group must have a good reputation with Aauvi, and the business industry.
  • Your group must be professional. This means no obscene or inappropriate content.
  • Your group must be an industry group. This means no military, fan groups, etc. Must be a Hotel, Gameshow, Cafe, Bakery or Juice Bar group.

Join our Discord and open a ticket for more information.

More coming soon.

Thanks for checking our our handbook! We hope you decide to take a visit. :wave: