{Abandoned} Pinewood Emergency Team Tips (Unoffical)

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Pinewood Emergency Team Tips

This is an unofficial list of tips from the PET & PBST Discord Tips Channels condensed into one page for reading in separate sections for ease of use which are in relation to PET. All Tips are credited to Original Owner at the end of the Post. Some tips have been adapted or left out for readability or the fact that it does not work anymore. Feel free to DM me on Roblox or Discord to recommend me any Suggestions.

Last Updated: 11/02/2023

- Added Section 12 on Medkit Stations
- Added Section 13 on Eval Tips
- Added Section 14 on Weapon Damages
- Added Section 15 on Core Temp Control
- Added Section 16 on Disaster Tips
- Added Section 17 on E-Coolant Success Rates
- Added Photo of All Official Uniforms
- Added New General Tips
- Added Fancy HTML Formatting
- Fixed Grammatical Errors


PET Handbook: Pinewood Emergency Team - Handbook

PBST Handbook: Pinewood Builders Security Team - Handbook

PB Rules: Pinewood Builders Game Rules

PBCC: ☢️ Pinewood Computer Core - Roblox


0.0: Important Info

0.2: Facility Map

0.3: Always ask for Backup, do not try deal with large problems yourself, it’ll just make it harder for everyone.
0.4: Do not complain or pester Hosts about them Cancelling or Delaying Events, they are people too and have lives, and it’ll cause you more problems in the future.
0.5: When reporting exploiters DO NOT announce the arrival of a PIA Mod otherwise they may leave and not be able to be caught.
0.6: TMS are NOT on Auto-KoS unless the temp is ±3k or they are on KoS.
0.7: Do NOT dance with the Aliens during Patrols, you will lose your points.
0.8: Official Uniform

1.0: Combat Tips

1.1: Do not stand in the crossfire of TMS and PBST Combat, instead stand behind the PBST to easily heal them at a moment’s notice.
1.2: If possible, set character scale to a minimum to make it more difficult to be shot at and hide behind the Shield better without being exposed.
1.3: Hide around the Corner of Cargo so you can still shoot but its harder to be shot.
1.4: Take full advantage of the Shooting Range at PBSTAC to practise accuracy.
1.5: Jump near the attacker if defenceless, it will confuse them.
1.6: Do not ever enter Combat alone, you will most likely die unless you are a Skilled Combater.
1.7: Don’t be Afraid of running away from Combat to protect yourself.
1.8: Headshots do more Damage.

2.0: Tool Tips

2.1: Keep both Medkits in your Hotbar since it can heal yourself whilst the PET Medkit cannot.
2.2: Keep the Fire Extinguisher in your Hotbar since it can Extinguish yourself whilst the Fire Hose cannot.
2.3: Learn and Make use of all your tools, such as in the Core using the Gravity Coil to make a quick getaway or using the Personal Rocket to clear debris if you are not TR+.
2.4: Don’t have your Gamma Sword near your medkits since you may heal a TMS or Kill an Ally by accident.
2.5: For RH and TR prioritise using the Normal Med-Kit since it heals more quickly over the PET Med-Kit.
2.6: If you do not have Core Gamepass check the one in the Case since it functions as if you had it yourself.
2.7: Use Jetpack to rush Coolant Production and get between Fans and AC quickly.
2.8: You can Heal Nukes, PBST Sentry and the E-Coolant Door with the Med-Kits.
2.9: During Magma use Personal UFO to quickly move neutrals up to the Fans from the Mainframe.
2.10: Take full use of all the information on your PET Tablet, it’ll save time checking some things.

3.0: Event Tips

3.1: Check all Cargo Bays continuously since TMS can easily get in and start a fire when no one is watching.
3.2: Always keep Gens full, it makes everyone’s life easier when there is a Blackout.
3.3: During a Raid or PBST Support help heal PBST in key points (Core, AC, Fans & Coolant) to keep them alive longer to protect the core.
3.4: If TMS restrict a room, avoid it. They may kill you if you enter so deal with other Patrol Objectives if you can.
3.5: Do not use Fire Suppression System unless something has exploded or you are unable to extinguish fires yourself, don’t waste it unless you really need it.
3.6: Avoid Travelling Alone since it is easy for a TMS to attack you and it’s more difficult to deal with issues.
3.7: Avoid overcrowding an area, if several people are already somewhere go check somewhere else it’ll help protecting against any TMS attack anywhere.
3.8: If temperature is below -3k avoid dealing with blackout since it will keep sabotage some of the Cooling Mechanisms.
3.9: If you struggle with combat or don’t have OP Weapons rush in, click the button and get out using Speed Coil so TMS won’t kill you instantly.
3.10: Keep watch in the Event Channel to easily be up to date with the Objectives.
3.11: Use Fans to clear Neurotoxins Faster.
3.12: Use teleporter in Car Park to go to Lobby and then back to Cargo Station by teleporter in the Lobby quicker.
3.13: Always Check Gens and Car Park for Fire they are often overlooked, and that Fire will just cause more problems.
3.14: You are allowed to Break the Coolant Pipe at -2k or Below and Fix it Between -2k and 4k, use this to slow down the Core Heating Up or Cooling Down.

4.0: Vehicle Tips

4.1: Do not go over 110 Speed on any Train since it will most likely derail as soon as you turn round a corner.
4.2: If you see a derailed train or any debris ahead of you hit E-Stop to prevent causing any more debris to be produced.
4.3: Do not underestimate the risk of Flaming Vehicles, reroute them or knock them over ASAP to prevent the fire spreading and then proceed to clear the Vehicle or Extinguish the Fire.
4.4: If TMS have coolant use the Cargo Train to refill the Tanks since then you only need the Pumps on and not the Production.
4.5: During Meltdown/Freezedown keep Gens Online and Full so people can actually see and making evacuation easier.
4.6: If you see a Nuke or a Train on Fire Heading to 1A warn everyone in PET Chat possibly preventing an Explosion.
4.7: ALWAYS have someone at the Loop diverting Nuke Trains or Cargo Trains that are on Fire, it will keep 1A much safer.
4.8: During Chaos Raids try move cargo outside of 1A to 1D to relieve stress from it.
4.9: If the backend of a train is missing, remove it. It’s debris somewhere and will cause problems.
4.10: Avoid using vehicles since they can easily be lit on fire and if you do remove it once you’re done to prevent it being used as Kindling.
4.11: You can bypass E-Brake Cooldown by jumping in and out of the Seat.

5.0: General Tips

5.1: Always grab the Health Boost in the PET HQ Medical Section.
5.2: Keep good communication through /c pet. You can be easily aware and make others aware of problems and threats.
5.3: Regardless of Rank look at others, you may learn something new just by paying attention.
5.4: When wearing the PET Hazmat use Donor Commands or Hoodie Giver to make it clearer it is a PET Member to prevent PBST mistaking you for TMS.
5.5: Listen to Background Noises as you may be able to identify a problem quicker such as the Ocean Glass breaking or a Nuke Detonating.
5.6: Use VC for Comms, it will make keeping informed much easier.
5.7: During Raid Responses and PBST Patrol Supports do not do Normal PET Duties unless the Host allows you to. Focus on the Core Controls if the temp is -+3k and if not heal and support PBST.
5.8: Remove Debris to prevent it Relighting.
5.9: If you get Elevator Spawn, reset. It takes more time for the door to open.
5.10: When respawning use Vent at back of the Credit Shop rather then going up the stairs. You will get to PET HQ faster.
5.11: Learn where the vents go, it’ll make it easier to move around the facility faster.
5.12: Use the Astronaut Helmet to enter Core without Hazmat Suit if Temp is under 3k. Refer to Section 9 for Alias for Helmet
5.13: Use !notepad to Keep Track of KoS or Important Info if you keep forgetting and your Host doesn’t Post Updates in #event-alerts.

6.0: Jetpack Refuel Stations
  • Mainframe Side of Decontamination Chamber
  • By UFO in Computer Science Labs
  • Outside PBST HQ
  • Inside of 1A
  • Launch Silo Hallway
  • By Tracks in Coolant Sector
  • By PBRF Cargo Elevator
  • TMS Hideout
7.0: Important Camera's

Find Camera’s in PET HQ or AC

  • 13 - 1C
  • 14 & 33 - 1A
  • 17 - Train Spawn
  • 22 & 40 - 1E
  • 34 - Main Transit
8.0: Light Colours
  • Red: +3k, Plasma, Magma or Radiation Leak
  • Yellow: Earthquake
  • Green: Neurotoxins
  • Blue: -3k
9.0: Commands

Commands for the new Pet uniforms:

Fire Outfit: !addalias !fire !shirt 6534085414 & !pants 6534091511
Medical Outfit: !addalias !medical !shirt 6534090699 & !pants 6534093040
Hazmat Outfit: !addalias !hazmat !shirt 6534090290 & !pants 6534092596
Core Helmet: !addalias !core !hat 1081366
PET Hoodie: !addalias !hoodie !shirt 6899830901

10.0: Handbook FAQ

10.1: To be On-Duty PET you must meet these requirements: Have an Official PET Uniform on (Anything Inside PET HQ and/or on the PET Group Store) and have the PET Ranktag on Via: !ranktag on and !setgroup PET.
10.2: PET may never carry TMS or PBST Tools and Vice Versa.
10.3: NEVER touch Core Controls unless it is at -+3k and only cool/heat it to -+2k. During Raids this is changed to: You can touch Controls at -+2k and can cool/heat to -+1k. During Community Patrols or Operation Mega: You may control the Temperature at any time.
10.4: During a Gas Leak turn on ALL fans to Speed Up the Event but as soon as it ends Revert the Fans to the state prior to the Event then leave them alone unless you can touch the Core Controls.
10.5: E-Coolant Code is: 5334118.
10.6: During E-Coolant you may attack anyone trying to Interfere with them.
10.7: You are only required to give one warning to someone, but you are exempt from giving warnings if you have previously warned them, attacking On-Duty PET or on KoS.
10.8: You can request a Practise Eval from a Marshall+ or if you are doing a ER Eval you can Self Practise in PBCC !petserver.
10.9: In a PBST Patrol Support or Raid Response the Main Aim is to Heal and Support PBST and Respond to Emergencies or if given Permission to you may follow normal Patrol Objectives.
10.10: When you meet the Criteria for an Eval feel free to Ping an Online Specialist for a Eval.

11.0: Abbreviations

General Terms:
KoS - Kill on Sight
SK - Spawn Kill
RK - Random Kill
TK - Team Kill
MRK - Mass Random Kill
YSR - Yes Survivor Run
NSR - No Survivor Run
RP - Reactor Power
AC - Admin Control
StS - Shoulder to Shoulder
SFL - Single File Line
DFL - Double File Line
TFL - Triple File Line

Groups: (Can be used with !setgroup )
PB - Pinewood Builders
PBST - Pinewood Builders Security Team
TMS - The Mayhem Syndicate
PET - Pinewood Emergency Team
PBM - Pinewood Builders Media
PBQA - Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance
PIA - Pinewood Intelligence Agency
PBV - Pinewood Builders Veterans
PBA - Pinewood Builders Aerospace
PHA - Pinewood Historical Archive

PBCC - Pinewood Builders Computer Core.
PBDSF - Pinewood Builders Data Storage Facility.
PBSTAC - Pinewood Builders Security Team Activity Centre
PBHQ - Pinewood Builders Headquarters
MM - Mega Miners
PBOP - Pinewood Builders Oil Platform
TMSRS - Rynver Stronghold
PBVEC - Pinewood Builders Virtual Enrichment Centre



T1 - Tier 1
T2 - Tier 2
T3 - Tier 3
ET - Elite Tier
SD - Special Defence


RH - Rescue Hero
TR - Trained Respondent
DR - Dedicated Respondent
ER - Elite Respondent

12.0: Medkit Locations
  • Spawn Hallway
  • PET HQ
  • Outside of PBST HQ
  • Mainframe Side of the Decontamination Chamber
  • Cargo bay 1A
  • Hallway leading into the Launch Silos Room
  • Near the PBRF elevator
  • Coolant Sector
  • TMS Hideout
13.0: Eval Tips

Trained Respondant

Phase 1: Stick around the outer area before the start so you don’t catch on fire.
Phase 2: Stick around the edges and circle the arena.
Phase 3: Before your eval, go over the handbook.

Dedicated Respondant

Phase 1: Same as TR
Phase 2: Stick to the front of it and just go left and right to avoid bombs.
Phase 3: Focus on close targets that are moving towards/away from you.

Elite Respondant

Phase 1: Start slow to get the track switches at the loop. At the junction switch to the Red Path to save time. At the Start Speed up to 70 then Drop to 40 and slow back down to 40, Once Switched Speed up to 110 and After Gen Refill then you can Speed up to 100.
Phase 2: Loop around the core getting lasers, then go to RP. Start with the Left of the Three Lasers Close together then go around to the Right (Middle of the Three then the Right One and Go Around).
Phase 3: Focus on clicking the fill buttons until you see 69-81 on the Board. Personally I reccommend 3rd Person and Do Not Use the Coil.
Phase 4: Give a good amount of detail, and refresh on the handbook before the Eval.

14.0: Weapon Damage

Number Inside Bracket is Headshot


Pistol: 9 (15)
Rifle: 24 (37)
Rocket Launcher: 90


Pistol: 18 (30)
Rifle: 24 (37)
SMG: 10 (15)


Pistol: 26 (40)
Rifle: 50 (75)
SMG: 12 (14)

PBST/TMS Upgraded:

Pistol: 34 (39)
Rifle: 75 (90)
SMG: 15 (22)

15.0: Core Temp Control


-2 Degrees Each
-1 Degrees Each if Powering On or Off

-14 Degrees
-12 Degrees if Pipe is Broken


+2 Degrees Each

1: +2 Degrees
2: +8 Degrees
3: +11 Degrees
4: +14 Degrees

+6 Degrees

16.0: Disaster Tips
  • Meltdown - Attempt to successfully fill all 3 Rods for the best chance to revert a Meltdown. If it isn’t possible, evacuate visitors via the Launch Silos or the PBRF Elevators.
  • Freezedown - Evacuate visitors via the Launch Silos or the PBRF Elevators.
  • Gas Leak - Switch all 5 Fans on in order for the Gas to be blown out in a Quicker Manner, and heal anyone Injured!
  • Earthquake - Attempt to halt all Trains in order to prevent further Damage.
  • Plasma Leak - Evacuate as many people out of the Core as possible, and Heal anyone injured!
  • Blackout - Switch on the Emergency Gens as soon as possible, whilst also ensuring that there is enough Gen Fuel for this.
  • Radiation Leak - Drain the leak by opening all 4 Drainage Plugs at the same time.
  • Magma - Evacuate everyone to higher Grounds or the Lobby.
  • Aliens - Not a Dangerous Event.
17.0: E-Coolant Success Rates

Rod needs to be Between 69% and 81% to Work.

1 Rod - 10% - If successful, it will set the core Temp back to 3600 Degrees!

2 Rods - 25% - If successful, it will set the core Temp back to 3400 Degrees!

3 Rods - 90% - If successful, it will set the core Temp back at 3000 Degrees!



0.1: PET Server
0.2: Artsart - PET
0.3: Atmois7
0.4: PET Server
0.5: PET Server
0.6: PET Server
0.7: PET Server
0.8: Atmois7, Lifeworm, MartinHoudek & Forgotten_Debt

1.1: Mygemdiamond - PET
1.2: Hazbo231004 - PET
1.3: xAriSmh - PET
1.4: xAriSmh - PET
1.5: Imnotapotatoareyou - PET
1.6: InfilitaionsRBLX - PET
1.7: epic_GaMeREEE2 - PET
1.8: clickstar_2 - PBST

2.1: Seaneleven11 - PET
2.2: DavidDaEpicBoi - PET
2.3: TerifPlays59 - PET
2.4: Mygemdiamond - PET
2.5: Mygemdiamond - PET
2.6: 1X1x1sx1x - PET
2.7: xAriSmh - PET
2.8: Voided_20 & LOLKEK_Lel - PET
2.9: xAriSmh - PET
2.10: Atmois7

3.1: Noobie - PET
3.2: Noobie - PET
3.3: Matergameing110 - PET
3.4: Mygemdiamond - PET
3.5: Mygemdiamond - PET
3.6: xAriSmh - PET
3.7: xAriSmh - PET
3.8: Mygemdiamond - PET
3.9: xAriSmh - PET
3.10: xAriSmh - PET
3.11: xAriSmh - PET
3.12: Nohnylle12 - PET
3.13: Hazbo231004 - PET
3.14: Atmois7

4.1: Nohryk - PET
4.2: Mygemdiamond - PET
4.3: Mygemdiamond - PET
4.4: xAriSmh - PET
4.5: Atrelxe - PET
4.6: Mygemdiamond - PET
4.5: xAriSmh - PET
4.6: Mygemdiamond - PET
4.7: xAriSmh - PET
4.8: xAriSmh - PET
4.9: Voided_20 - PET
4.10: Imnotapotatoareyou - PET
4.11: InfilitaionsRBLX - PET

5.1: Matergameing110 - PET
5.2: Atrelxe - PET
5.3: xAriSmh - PET
5.4: Mygemdiamond - PET
5.5: Mygemdiamond - PET
5.6: xAriSmh - PET
5.7: Deleted User - PET
5.8: Voided_20 - PET
5.9: Raymo_Plays - PET
5.10: Atmois7- PET
5.11: Atmois7
5.12: sadiethepuppylover - PET
5.13: Claym1x - PET

6.0: Deleted User - PET

7.0: LOLKEK_Lel - PET

8.0: bogger87 - PET

9.0: Voided_20 & Atmois7 - PET

10.0: From PET Handbook but Rewritten by Atmois7

11.0: Voided_20 - PET

12.0: Zlatkous - PET

13.0: Bookfan7259 & Atmois7

14.0: Hurrant21 - TMS

15.0: PET Handbook

16.0: Various Sources

17.0: PET Handbook

Tip of The Day Info

Anyone Feel Free to Run Tip of the Day (TotD) but if you do Make Sure you Reply to the Previous TotD to Make a Daisy Chain of the Tips. Don’t Post the Same TotD in a Short Timeframe or Else it is Pointless and Always Reference the Tip ID (Such as 4.3) so Credit can be Referred to. It does not matter if it is not Daily and who Does it.

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