Ability for a project i'm working on

Alright so Im working on a game with powers and stuff and here’s one of the abilities:

Can I have some feedback on it please? (also ideas for more abilities)

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this is a very neat effect!
hope to play it soon

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Hey guys! So far, I’ve turned the explosion into an actual ability. When you use this ability, your speed increases by a lot, and to detonate the power you click. This move does half to full hp, and is powerful.

Ability: https://gyazo.com/cff9d886e69804df0ba4c42753ffa7cb

This project isn’t meant to be a full on game, but if you guys really want it I’ll see what I can do

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Im glad you like it! Although originally there were no intentions of this project becoming a game, its still a possibility (If you really want to see it I can give you the game link)


I have cleaned it up a lot except for an issue where the character that uses the ability is upside down shortly after activating. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Anyways, I added something else to the game. Upon being hit by the exploding ball of blue energy, this will happen: https://gyazo.com/5ce14a94c78d47e551542a5e83187d52

This was partly inspired by Shindo Life, but the images are mine