Ability for Explosion to inherit position from parent BasePart/Attachment


As a Roblox Developer, it is tedious having to set an Explosion’s position manually or by script every time it is created. The position is set to 0, 0, 0 on creation no matter how it is created or where it is parented. This requires you to set the position manually as it’s always created at the center of the coordinate plane.

Explosions should have a property that you can enable that will make it inherit the parent object’s Position if it exists (i.e. BasePart or Attachment) and be locked to that parent. This would allow developers to create explosions and allow it to have its position automatically set instead of setting it via a script or manually via studio.

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This makes it feel a bit useless sadly; while I can see that changing the default behavior to this could break older games that rely on it, having a property that needs to be set makes it essentially as much of a hassle as setting the .Position property. I’d prefer this behavior in a different Instance instead, to avoid breaking older systems while actually making it easier to use.

Alternatively it could be default behavior iff the Explosion object is parented to an attachment. (since these haven’t been around long and it isn’t a known practice to use explosions inside of them)


If the Explosion inherits the position on creation, any older scripts who rely on explosions will just overwrite this position. (Except when it is supposed to be parented at 0,0,0, but that seems highly unlikely.)

I think this would indeed be a handy feature for people often working with explosions. This would also be more in line with sparkle effects, particle emitters etc. that also inherit the position of its parent.