Ability to Delete assets

I think it is about time players should have the ability to delete assets that they have created. Especially now Roblox has just rolled out an Update to 3 Strike IP Infringement Policy. Players should be able to delete assets that could potentially get their account deleted.

Why do I want this feature to be added:
I feel now that Roblox has introduced the new IP Rules players should be allowed to delete assets they have created. A lot of players would agree with me that they have uploaded material that is against the that may have not been previously. Players may have also uploaded material when they were children that is against the rules because they didn’t know about copyright. This puts a lot of accounts at risk of serious moderation. This is why players should be allowed to delete the assets that they have created to stop their accounts from being moderated. Otherwise players are just sitting their waiting to be moderated for an asset that they know is against the rules. That’s just unfair!

Roblox has gave us an email to send our potential rule breaking assets to. This is an issue because what if a player doesn’t have an email address. This then means that player wont be able to get their rule breaking assets deleted meaning that they will get moderated. The other issue with this is that it could take a very long while for their rule breaking material to be deleted meaning that they are at risk of being moderated even when they have requested for the material to be deleted.

What if in a months time a player uploads an asset that is against the rules and then just after they upload it they resize it is against the rules. They have no way of deleting it, meaning that they will get moderation on their account for not being able to delete an asset that they know is against the rules.

The player should be able to just click delete on the asset and then it goes into an archive for a few days allowing the player to un-delete the asset. Then after those few days the asset is automatically deleted. The reason the asset will be held for a few days is because a player may accidentally delete the wrong asset meaning that they can un-delete it.


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