Ability to disable TeleportService and InsertService

Some people on games who do not use either service, and they can be a nightmare when an exploit teleports everyone to their game, or to load modules from the website will full versions of Kohl’s admin, insert tools, etc. Maybe we should just be able to fully disable those services and make their availability readable ingame, but not able to be set.

I’d also like to be able to prevent TeleportService from being used client-side in my games.

Also client side marketplace being disabled would be great.
Reason (if this comes to exist and work on the client): https://trello.com/c/9JrUN3pX/34-optional-price-parameters-for-promptpurchase-and-promptproductpurchase-l

I know, I know, you can verify it with the ProccessReciept, but it would be nice just to be able to disable.