Ability to exercise GDPR rights on the DevForum only

As a Roblox developer interested in exercising the GDPR right to erasure only on the Roblox Developer Forum, I have discovered that it is not possible to achieve this. A few weeks ago, I contacted Roblox CS requesting to exercise my GDPR right to erasure on the Roblox Developer Forum and was told that this cannot be achieved without an erasure on the main website as well - in other words, a full account erasure. Also, AFAIK, it seems that all data privacy requests apply for the entirety of Roblox (applies to all subdomains and the main website), which is understandable, and a typical policy commonly followed for data privacy request inquiries, but conflicts with my interest.

This is bad news to me as I do not want to achieve this. I just want what I have written on devforum.roblox.com to be erased whilst still being able to access my Roblox account. While flagging your content and requesting it to be deleted as the reason is a convenient solution to this issue, I have observed that it is only a partial solution as locked topics as well as ongoing bug report topics cannot be erased, in my own experience. I am not entitled to disclose the reason I am interested in exercising the GDPR right to erasure, so please do not ask.

In the meantime, I have decided I will continue foruming until (if) this becomes a reality.


I want to erase my developer forum account too :confused: so I am here to support this


That’s correct, we don’t offer separate RTBF for the forum.

We’re planning further changes to the forum in the future that will make it more seamless with the Creator Hub and integrate features back-and-forth between these platforms. It’s possible that in the future there will no longer be a login boundary between these products.

Therefore, we will not offer separate RTBF for this in the future either. You may consider your forum account as a sub-account to your Roblox user account, and you may assume this boundary will fade over time as we make further product changes. When you RTBF your Roblox account it will propagate to the forum account. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Note that even in case of RTBF, we only anonymize your forum content, not delete any public post content, as that can harm our ability to keep track of open bugs and can harm ability to discuss for others as you point out.