Ability to filter out certain users when looking in library

When searching for certain item in Library, Especially audio for miscellaneous sounds like GUI Clicking or a rock being hit by a Pickaxe sound, I found annoying that I kept getting suggestions of Roblox Uploaded sounds which are mostly music that are taking up pages and pages of space that could be filled with more useful assets. I think there should be a feature to filter out a certain user like how there’s a feature to only see a certain users uploaded assets, especially when Roblox mass uploaded hundreds of thousands of audio to the library.

Just like what we currently have on Roblox but simply a button to exclude a user like Roblox uploaded assets from showing up.


Yep, support, was thinking about this the other day when i was trying to find an audio but was a ton of APM stuff.


Did you mean to post this in Web Features? It’s in Development Discussion right now. You can move it by hitting the pencil icon on the title of the thread and changing the category.