Ability to have different thumbnails depending on the device

Hello Developers,

I have thought a lot about different thumbnails for different devices. Why you may ask, well games are advertised differently depending on the device, so any xbox supported games will include the xbox logo, but I feel like this should be made separate to laptop users.

How would this work?
Well how it would work is on the thumbnail tab, instead of importing 1 thumbnail and it publishing it to all devices, you get an option of what to publish the thumbnail to, or what that specific image only shows up on.

Current issues/difficulties:
As of right now it is not possible to fully customise a thumbnail dedicated to just ‘Mobile’ users, or ‘Xbox One’ users. This makes it difficult for developers that want to create a game that is playable on ‘Mobile’, ‘Tablet’, ‘Computer’ and ‘Xbox’ as all the thumbnails are the same, which does not resemble the device. It is also not possible for developers to have a certain feature available for ‘Mobile’ and advertise that on the thumbnail, as it would show up for all devices. This creates a big struggle to games that want to push their games to more platforms, but want to create a more ‘Xbox friendly’ thumbnail for all ‘Xbox’ users, and a ‘Computer friendly’ thumbnail for computer users.

Why would this be good?
It would allow games to elaborate their thumbnails depending on what device, this would boost games up and allow developers to have more control over how their game is viewed by others.

How could this be done?
Below you can find an example of the layout for this idea.

Somewhere on the page it will give you the option to select the desired device and upload the Thumbnail or Video. For videos this may mean that the price to upload a video may need to be reduced as it will not publish the trailer to all devices.

Does this mean I can’t use the system as I do now?
Within the idea of this feature, it will still keep the system it has now, for anyone who wants to keep their thumbnails the same for every device it will just be located in it’s own tab, followed by all the other options (i.e ‘Thumbnail’ ‘Console’ ‘Mobile’).


Jailbreak - Laptop

Jailbreak - Xbox

(Feedback on this feature will be taken into account)