Ability to have parts to not be "counted" in a selection of a model

Also, another idea: Ctrl+Arrow Keys does not move the camera but it moves the model by the move # increment. It moves it by the XYZ coordinate system. Maybe Alt+Arrow Keys can resize a part like that, too.

You see a difference?
Sometimes with outlier parts in a model it’s hard to move the model with the arrow keys when the arrows are so far.

Maybe there should be a property in BasePart “CountSelectionInModel” that’s RobloxLocked.

However that doesn’t mean it won’t move when you move the model. The part that’s not being counted in the model selection will still move left when you move the model left. It’s just still going to be the same looking as the second picture.

Another example:

This model is fairly easy to drag.
These are easily visible to click so you can move it.


How am I to move this easily? And WITH the move tool, NOT dragging.

Now what I really want is this.

When you drag with the arrows, the really really tall part moves along with it. You see what I mean?
An easy way to occlude parts from a model selection so it the move arrows can easily show and be dragged.


If you use Folders and Models together you can achieve this effect.

Yeah, but that’s super hacky.

EDIT: doesn’t work what was expected to.

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I feel like adding that property to parts would be hackier.

We have folders almost for this exact reason. If you need some help with it I can show you how to layer things correctly to achieve the effect you want.