Ability to make bloom affect skybox more, water not so much

Currently I have an issue:

  1. I want high bloom for skybox (so theres a visible effect when looking out windows and stuff)
  2. I dont want the water to be glowing bright whitish-cyan

It would be nice to have some “SkyBrightness” property to control this (binding it to existing Brightness property would be bad because it affects how other stuff looks). After all, the sky IS pretty bright (thats where to sun is).

Or the opposite (make water not so sensitive to bloom).

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Try changing the water colour in your Terrain properties.

That doesnt help - even pure black water turns all bright not too many studs away from your character (I assume it starts reflecting the sky).

Could be that water reflecting the sky is the problem (so making the sky brighter might just make the water brighter as well, not solving the problem).

But yeah, I cant really use much bloom at all before the water looks bad…

Try messing with the Size and Threshold properties. You can set them relatively low and it shouldn’t affect the water as much.

Yeah I reduced them a bit and its better.

But now I cant have overdone bloom :sob:


Ok, I found a ‘magic threshold’ of Lighting.Brightness where the bloom suddenly stops having an effect on the water, and I can ramp it up to 110%.

Though I had to compensate with some color correction (because decreasing brightness obviously makes regular parts not very pretty). So it would still be better to have a sky brightness control separately.
nvm that makes everything look horrible because things that should be bright are not so, so the sky bleeds all over them or smth

Well, it’s called “post-processing” for a reason.

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I guess, what I should be asking then, is a way to reduce reflectivity of water?

As I can make the sky brighter or the water darker, no problem, but when the water is 100% reflective 20 studs out, theres not much I can do.

For aesthetic freedom you know, screw realism.