Ability to scale text without enabling TextWrapped

Currently, as an in-studio UI Designer, It’s very hard to get the text to look good on all platforms without using either a script or TextScaled. The issue when it comes to things like TextScaled is the fact that Wrapping is automatically enabled. I’m constantly running into issues where I have only one word in a TextLabel that I need to be scaled, but when I go to have it scaled via TextScaled property, it can cause half of the word to be put onto a new line. There are also issues when it comes to animating my TextLabels/TextButtons, where the text will begin to go from one line to two, then back to one while it’s being sized. It just can make something look very unappealing.

Example Images:

Scaled + Wrapped / https://gyazo.com/71a81a52fb52006dbf24c2184c73fd67
No Wrapping / https://gyazo.com/95f1107cbb1c0c77fbb8e2698f73b11e

If TextScaled no longer automatically enabled TextWrapping, it would allow solving the issue of one word using two lines, and it would allow for much cleaner looking UI animations.