Ability to send large amounts of data over network without stalling other network traffic

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to replicate a lot of data at once because it uses up all Roblox’s limited bandwith and so the rest of the game becomes unresponsive
For example, when a player joins my game, I have their base loaded up on all the clients, but the data that is sent to each client can get quite large, so it essentially disconnects the clients from the network until the new player’s data has all finished sending to the clients

Right now I believe the best solution (after compressing the data) is to buffer over time (or is this not the right language to use?)

However, leaving it to developers to guess the optimal amount to send every network step is inefficient; so I think a better solution would be if Roblox introduced low priority RemoteEvents
I imagine you’d just toggle a boolean on them (or set a priority int if it’s fancy), and Roblox will prioritize replicating the highest priority items first, and only if there is leftover bandwith will it process lower ones

This is ideal in scenarios like mine because loading the base anyways takes a few seconds (because so many parts are created)