Ability to sort News and Announcements chronologically

Hey all,

When browsing the News and Announcements forum, posts are sorted by last activity. I’d like to suggest we have the option of sorting them chronologically (in the order they were originally posted) so we can read all the news in order (much like a blog).

When I’m trying to catch up on what I’ve missed since I last read I find it somewhat confusing, having to check whether I read an article before or not. This would help, especially for those of us not checking every day.

Link to announcements: https://devforum.roblox.com/c/public/public-updates-announcements

Thanks for reading.


I believe this belongs in #platform-feedback:web-features. Either or, I like the idea, but I assume it has to do with Discourse as a whole and not Roblox for why it’s like that.

The Discourse meta forum may be the place for this: https://meta.discourse.org/

I’m pretty sure Roblox can choose the default sorting method and this is already an option.


No, please don’t use Platform Feedback for suggestions/bugs related to the developer forum.


Today I stumbled across this Discourse meta post which highlighted that we can add /?order=created to the end of a link to see them chronologically.

I’d suggest bookmarking the following link until there’s an easier way to get to it: