About how long will it take before my application is reviewed?

Just curious to know. I applied on June 27th, and in the place I provided I set up a Discord webhook to notify me whenever anyone joins the place. So far nobody has joined other than myself. After how long can I expect anyone to review my application?

  1. Have you considered the fact that the webhook might’ve been terminated?
  2. Are you sure that your app has reached the app reviewing team? There was an error on the site at some point and some applications were lost in the process. If you’re not sure, I recommend you DM one of the DevRel team members and ask (just don’t spam it).

Sure! I know the webhook is functional since I join the place to test it from time to time.

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That’s actually a smart way to keep track of your application. I like it!


I applied about 3 hours after applications opened on May 28 and didn’t get an email until June 24. It’s gonna be a while.


I use Discord’s webhook API to track all my current places.

If you’re using discord’s webhooks to notify you when people join your place on a large game, I believe that is API abuse.

But my games are relatively smaller.

Ive contacted Devforum, it may take couple of weeks.

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There still should be no reason for you to log exactly when people join your game. What’s your use case?

Mostly demographics: to search out for trends in player interaction with the chat feature.

I wouldn’t suggest using discord webhooks for this, as if your game blows up you could potentially be blacklisted from using the API.

Use a 3rd party service for this.

From what I believe, Discord have been raising their API limits. I know that Counter Blox have a Discord webhook backlog where the game sends requests to the API every five seconds, and it’s still working properly.

Edit, I have sent application the same time as you and got accepted. You should check your email regular.

Unfortunately, my application hasn’t been reviewed yet (nobody has checked my place, I have a webhook set up). No email either.

Edit: SAME! I’m so excited!