About how much should I put into ads?

Ello everyone!

I have a United States Army that I’ll like to make ads for. I have no idea how much I should put.
The max I would allow myself to put is around 5-10k.

Thanks for your feedback!

I heard start out with like 20% of what you plan on putting into funds for the ads and see if the ad does good by its impressions and it’s % rate, if it does put in the rest.

Not 20%, try like 10% and experiment with ur ads lol

Okay so, here’s the thing. Between MRPs, there’s no actual game quality competition anymore, it’s purely a financial battle.
And I gotta tell you that 10K is not enough at all for anything. It won’t hit the algorithm featuring requirements, so after the ads, game drops back to 0.
If you just wanna feel cool for a day, I would test it first and then dunk it all on one day. Because sadly 10K is pretty much nothing, to a game of such a competitive genre.

Thanks for the feedback, I will probably just try ad’s and see how it goes. Since it is a military group and if It gets members, they can go ahead and rank up, ect.

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In my opinion don’t even do adverts; they’re more costly and not as useful as sponsoring as people can have ad blockers. I personally sponsor 5k on weekends split between two days and that does a good job.