Absolute best, most effective, easiest, most reliable way to scale UI for all devices

Hey. I’ve been finally importing my UI into studio, and I scale it using AutoScaleLite, and it scales. Only problem being, on mobile the UI will move way up and half-way off the screen or too high, or the UI is way too seperate, while on PC it’s fine. Sometimes even the UI on mobile (when you click to see it on mobile) is completely different than what i see on my phone when testing it (yes, the roblox scale version and my phone are the exact same) The images do not stretch.

I’ve tried fixing this problem many times but haven’t found a solution. What do you do to perfectly scale your UI? Do you suggest i make entirely new UI for mobile exclusively?


Don’t use offsets in ui positioning/scale. Almost always use scale.

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Isn’t that what AutoScale Lite does…?

If you move it a bit with mouse it resets to offset if I remember correctly. Just typing scale values manually works best for me, not using plugins.

That only happens when you use a mix of scale and offset. When you convert them the resizer switches to whichever one you convert to.

Yes, people always use plugins and stuff but Roblox always puts on offset on all items just go to the size of the item and it should look like: 0, 100, 0, 100 just change it to 1, 0, 1, 0 and change the size with your mouse.

As others have suggested use only scale values and you will also need to use UI Constraints… those two should keep it all looking the same on mobile. Its best to learn them rather than use plugins… they arent hard and will allow fine tuning the way a plugin won’t.

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