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Hello, I will jump straight into the information about this idea that I’ve had over the past few months.
The game is based off of the game, Assassins Creed Black Flag.

I have figured out ways that it would be possible to create a very similar game like that on roblox itself. This game would take months to create but most importantly, it would take a dedicated team to do it.
I am looking for the following;

UI Designer
GFX Artists

Each all being paid upon checkpoints on the work that is designed for the game. If you’re unsure what I’m asking I will give a small rundown of the game idea.

----- GAME IDEA -----

When the player joins the game they would have a blurred screed by finding themselves handcuffed in a kidnap. The user would later be talking to AI Bots which would be explaining the situation they are in. (Scripts will be write on the different responses that players give). This will always end up in the player entering a new virtual world allowing them to view the memories of their ancestors.

(If you have ever played Assassin’s Creed 1,2 or 3 you have a fair idea on what the idea is like.)

This might be very difficult to seem like it would work out to you, but I have worked out many ways on how it would become one of the best games to roblox. Months of work that would require full concentration and teamwork. Now, onto the most important thing for everyone, what the pay would be.

Scripter(s) - £200/£300 - (USD would be more due to conversion rate)
Builders(s) - £150/£220 - (Depending on the number of builders onboard)
GFX Artist - £160/£220

These prices aren’t confirmed.
It all depends on the number of developers brought into the mix.


Discord: Garth#2923
Roblox: Xarentho_s

Please if you are enquiring about this contact me directly via discord. Please provide previous pieces of work.

Those brought into the team will be given other ways of contact to allow easier communication of unavailable on discord.


Please comment below if you have any major questions about this. I will attempt to reply asap.

Thank you for reading this.

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What will you be doing?

Also, the prices seem quite low for a roblox version of assassins creed black flag.

What do you mean

Scripter(s) - £200/£300

200 a month, a week, a day?

I will be assisting with the building side of things along with giving help if I can to anyone who needs it. I will also be doing the payments personally obviously.

I will write up some dialog type of things when it comes to the AI bots and stuff like that.

I’m guessing in total.

It will be a month aslong as the tasks have been met.

If/when a team is selected to start working on the task we will be talking about everything that needs done from start to finish. I will then get things in order of when it needs to be completed linking it all to the pay etc.

Seems very low considering it’s such an ambitious project and other much less ambitious projects have been paying up to 10x more.

Thats very true, but I did mention that these prices aren’t confirmed. They will most likely change and they were only a guideline of how much I could pay out.
And as it is monthly payments of either 200 or 300 its still a good amount of money for a year or so. This project would be taken into high priority allowing me to focus on having money for the the creation of it.

I’m pretty interested. Ill send you a friend request on Discord.

Having been contacted by a few people it has come to my attention that details are a little short. I will add more details onto this post via this comment.

The game will have a multi universe which will allow players to travel from the lobby (starting point) to other versions of the game over time allowing them to complete different types of quests and missions. There will be a leveling system that allows users to upgrade certain items that they have gathered over time throughout the different games.
I’m hoping that there will be such an amazingly scripted rendering script that will allow the game to have a huge map allowing players to explore and experience a different type of game not seen before on roblox.

The game has been thought of by exploring many games and taking small notes that have been a peeked interested in them, thus allowing a multi-universe game.

Hopefully thats a little more help, as I don’t want to give to much information out until the time is right or unless you’re part of the team.

Payments would be made once a month depending on which department you stand under & depending on reaching the monthly goals.
No matter how much work you do you will still be paid for it allowing those who have done some keep a fair and understanding work load completed.

I understand that you might feel the payment is low, keep in mind that those aren’t the final prices, those were only an ideal suggestion. They will most likely be increased due to the work load being so large.

Scripters are the major requirements along with builders so would be looking for them the most.

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