Accessories wont apply to character

Hey trying to make some exclusive items for my sister, and it works and they are parented to the player but dont equip, what am i doing wrong? Script:

if script.Parent.Name == "DR_DOYTEE" then
	script.ACC1.Parent = script.Parent
	script.ACC2.Parent = script.Parent
	script.Parent.ACC1.Handle.Position = script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position
	script.Parent.ACC2.Handle.Position = script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position



if you are talking about tool items, clone them into the player’s backpack

no i am talking about hats, they clone to the player, but are not on the player

Why would you change the handle position? You can just clone the accessory and parent them to the character. They will automatically position.

if it was an accessory, why do you need to give it a position?

Well thats what i did to try and fix it, but that didnt work

are you sure your hat is made correctly?

yes, one of them is even a modified catalog asset.

Then the accessories most.likely don’t have an attachment to be attached on, so you’ll have to use a plugin to actually make the accessory work. There’s a plugin named Assets Creator, that can let you create accessories and tools, you can use that.

ok, then maybe try using user id

sorry is this local script, or normal script?

Well, when i get a dummy rig, and parent the hats (not in play mode) they attach just fine

my script is Local Script, inside startercharaccterscripts.

that’s why, put the hat in the replecaed storage

clone the hat from there, into the character

also probably only the person who has the hat can see the hat so you might want to do this in a normal script

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